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Arethia operates two main productions hubs in Hamburg, Germany and Surabaya, Indonesia.

With an investment of more than 65M EUR for the construction and set-up of its new 35,000m2 headquarter in Hamburg, the group plans to open one of the biggest flavour production factories in Europe by 2025. This highly automated facility will allow an increase in technical capabilities and expand production capacity by 10x.

Operational Excellence is a cornerstone of our operational efficiency

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Advanced production technologies, lean manufacturing methods, automation and data analytics combined with a highly motivated and capable team are the cornerstone of our operational efficiency. Our Flavour 4.0 Production System enables just-in-time delivery while adhering to our high internal quality standards.

Advanced production technology & automation

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest production technology, ensuring precision and reliability at every stage of the flavour production process. From ingredient handling and dosing, to mixing and filling or homogenizing, to separation or extraction, our automated systems are calibrated for optimal efficiency and accuracy. Precision at the edge of technical feasibility results in flavours of the highest standards, batch after batch.

Automation plays a pivotal role in our quest for perfection. Automated systems streamline our production processes, reducing human error and ensuring unwavering consistency.

Data-driven operations

Data lies at the heart of our operations. We leverage comprehensive data analytics to fine-tune our processes. By analyzing real-time and historical data, we gain invaluable insights into optimizing production, improving processes, and ensuring batch-to-batch consistency and tracebility. This data-centric approach enables us to adapt quickly to market demands and provide high flexibility in term of delivering quantity and speed.

Environmental responsibility through technological innovation

Our technological advancements extend to sustainability efforts. We continuously invest in eco-friendly production methods, minimizing waste and energy consumption. Our commitment to responsible sourcing and environmentally conscious practices remains a fundamental aspect of our technological approach.

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Aligned with our commitment to excellence, we adhere to a stringent quality management system

Certified to the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and the FSSC 22000 product safety standard. This systematic approach guides the implementation of our policies across all operational processes. By adhering to these internationally recognized standards, we underscore our commitment to delivering products of the highest quality, safety, and consistency.

Beyond food

Operating on a global scale, our management system is grounded in the principles of good hygiene practice, ensuring uniform standards and practices across all our locations. Our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) concept, in accordance with the Codex Alimentarius, serves as a comprehensive framework that both expands and completes our overarching quality assurance system.

But we don't just meet food quality standards; we exceed them. Our new, main production facilities are designed to operate in an ISO class 8 clean-room environment, the first of its kind at that scale for the compounding of flavours based on thousands of ingredients. By integrating best practices from other quality-focused industries like pharmaceuticals, we make sure to stay ahead of the curve.

Product compliance

Compliance with the relevant country-specific legal requirements is the minimum requirement for us. As part of our quality management system, we guarantee that our products comply with all current laws and regulations, specific to the end markets and applications based on the requirements of our customers.

Our team of experts, follows regulatory development in all relevant categories globally and proactively addresses regulatory changes. Additionally, we provide consulting services to customers, offering insights on product registration, labeling requirements, and related matters upon request. This commitment underscores our dedication to regulatory transparency and customer empowerment.

We prioritize the well-being of our employees, visitors, and the communities in which we operate. Committed to maintaining a secure and healthy workplace, we adhere to stringent safety protocols and industry best practices.

Our safety measures encompass regular training, thorough risk assessments, and continuous improvement initiatives. We believe that a safe environment fosters productivity and contributes to the overall success of our operations. At Arethia, safety is not just a policy; it's a core value that guides our every action and decision.

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