Sensory & data science

Flavourist tasting a product

Our Sensory Science team at Arethia supports our core processes as a provider of sensory solutions, deploying sound methodology tailored to diverse use cases.

Team training

We take pride in our ability to decode the intricate nuances of taste, aroma, and texture, ensuring that every flavour profile is characterized in a standardized way. Our team serves as the cornerstone for data-driven decision-making. By providing robust data, we empower better selection, optimized performance for varied applications, and solid decision-making thorough quality assessments.

Our Data Science team plays a important role in discovering trends, guiding product selection and supporting operational decision making. Leveraging a combination of publicly available and private data, our team engages in comprehensive trend analysis. By employing advanced analytics and machine artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, our Data Science experts support our technical sales team to identify the perfect product-fit for our customer project, while driving innovation as through sophisticated product design tools that help our R&D team to develop products with superior performance.

In operations, we view Data Science not just as a tool but as a driving force, empowering us to navigate the complexities of our business through our supply chain as we extract valuable insights that guide decision-making processes.