Whistleblowing system

Thank you for your interest in the whistleblowing system of the Arethia Group.

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Our corporate culture is founded on principles of integrity and transparency

At Arethia, we've implemented this directive as well as the transferring national legislation and aligned it with our core values through the establishment of a dedicated reporting system, which includes a reporting portal and hotline.

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Through this system, both our employees and third parties who engage with Arethia in the course of their professional activities can report legal violations stemming from our business activities or those of our direct or indirect suppliers. Reports can be submitted anonymously and confidentially. These reports are directed to Integrity GmbH, an external ombudsman appointed to handle disclosures.

For additional details, please visit the whistleblower portal.

Activities that violate human rights, such as child labor, forced labor and slavery in all its forms

Bribery and corruption

Significant negative impacts on the natural environment, such as pollution, ecosystem degradation or deforestation

Violation of the ban on unequal treatment

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